About Our Blog
A bit of fashion, a tad of photography and a sprinkle of inspiration – that’s what our blog is made of. It’s like a compilation of our thoughts, our ideas, our motivations and just plainly everything we like or that inspires us; everything we’re currently doing or dreaming about. This blog is our little notebook where we share photos, outfits, DIYs, recipes, opinions and journeys with you. And you are genuinely invited to share your impressions with us.

About Our Style
Well, we both like ‘Vintage’. Certainly, the two of us are not the most artsy, vintage and sophisticated-looking girls but we’re working on it. We love fashion, experimenting with it and exploring it. Our style is still evolving – just as we are. Our clothing may be more hippie, elegant, sweet or retro – just how we’re feeling. Yet, this is what makes it interesting and unique because that is what fashion's supposed to be all about.

About Ourselves
A 17 year-old music-loving and fashion-addicted girl. Interested, not only in beauty or lifestyle, but also in the world and what is happening out there. She could never think about running a blog about just one topic or in one special style. Vegetarian who loves to eat vegan from time to time.  That’s Lea.

A 16 year-old, creative, lively and fashion-loving daydreamer who loves dancing and drawing as well as reading books and enjoys rainy weather and white chocolate. Can be really annoying at times but tries to be positive and healthy, for example by being a vegetarian. That’s July.

Two years ago, these two girls sat together and thought ‘We should make a blog.’ and, indeed, they made one. Coming from a small, quiet town in the middle of Germany, they had known each other for many years and discovered they had similar interests such as taking photos and writing. Now here they are, sharing their view on the world with you.

About Our Team
We do not run this blog all alone. From time to time these really cool and inspirational people help us!
Josi - Lea's cousin is currently doing a gap year before starting university in some months. She loves DIYs and flower-printed clothes. Writer and Photographer for Livintage.
Amani - We are glad to call her our friend. Her thoughts are great but her personality is down-to-earth. Addicted to a world of fantasy. Writer for Livintage.

If you’re interested, we welcome you to our blog. Feel free to read, follow, comment or contact us!